• Improves mental acuteness
  • Traditionally used in Africa as a stimulant during long hunts
  • Best Price online
  • Straight from our ethno-botanical trading partners in Ghana
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Things You Need To Know About Voacanga Africana?

Voacanga Africana is a teensy tree in the family of Apocynaceae, which develops to 6 m (20 ft) in tallness. The little tree has to crumble that is over to 30 cm (12 in) long and the tree produces yellow or white blossoms, which in the wake of being effectively pollinated prove to be fruitful with a green exocarp and yellow mesocarp encompassing the seeds. They are mainly widespread in mainland tropical Africa, from Senegal east to Kenya and south to Angola, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. The organic product normally parts into equal parts when it is ready. It consists of small amounts of ibogaine in it. You can buy ibogaine online in form of Voacanga Africana Root bark.

Voacanga Africana Root bark contains the psychoactive structure with voacangine and voccamine. These substances have animating, execution improving impacts and can cause mind flights in high dosages. The Voacanga Africana seed Dosage is utilized as a chasing medication and energizer. It’s additionally answered to be a powerful Spanish fly. This sort of medication is for the most part utilized in making the iboga which helps in restoration from illicit drug use. As the wood of Voacanga Africana is considered inferior so it is also used in building purposes as well. For the most part, the Voacanga Africana seed Dosage helps in latex or decoctions or mixtures of the stem bark, leaves or roots are put on wounds, bubbles, and bruises, and used to treat gonorrhea, dermatitis, parasitic diseases, and scabies. They are likewise taken to treat heart issues, hypertension, and rheumatic pains. The latex is placed in teeth to treat caries or dribbled in the eye to fix ophthalmia.



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